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IRJ-CP#3 September 9, 2009

Posted by andrewg2013 in Creative Piece.

Earthen Fire: Beneath the Unknown

The ravine felt chilly, and when I looked up at the gloom above, I noticed the sun couldn’t seep through the thick trees hanging overhead. I rubbed my arms to keep warm until we neared the end of the path. The man leading me took a long, rectangular key out of his pocket. He quietly slipped it into the small square hole in the rock surface. The rock face slid almost silently into the sides of a dank, mundane tunnel. I kept thinking, as I resigned myself to groping through the dark, that the guide may abandon me at any moment, leaving me stranded. His indiscriminant mutterings, however, reassured me of his presence. After what seemed like half an hour, I could see a faint glow in the distance and followed it.

At the end of the tunnel, there was a large cavernous room with a structure more profound than anything I had seen before. I inferred that this was the alien vehicle that I had been told about. The ship had a thin oblong hemisphere at its base, while the upper section extended out into a grand platform. On top of the platform was a large windowed structure in the shape of a ‘U’ that seemed to imply that it was for indulging oneself in the beauty of the outside world. The ship fit into context with the rest of the room as it was made of a platinum colored metal. The viewing room at the top was different and was a vibrant white. It was from the inside of the windowed structure that the glowing seemed to be coming from.



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