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IRJ-OP#5 September 17, 2009

Posted by andrewg2013 in Open Prompt.

False at First: Truth takes Majority

The other day in Human Development class, we were discussing current problems in the Unites States that are trying to be resolved. One class mate said, “People who aren’t citizens of the United States shouldn’t get healthcare,” (Class Discussion). This struck me as a very interesting statement.

News Story: How illegal immigrants deal with healthcare now

Citizenship Info: The rules and guidelines for becoming a U.S. citizen

This quote shows an unfair argument. While it is true that illegal immigrants don’t deserve all the rights of a full American citizen, they should still be able to see a doctor to help them when they are sick, or in the future be able to go to a health kiosk. I think the criteria for getting healthcare should be, you should have a job currently or have had a job in the past 6 months. This would only be the case if you are over 18. I also think that Finland’s healthcare system for children will also apply. If this was the case with healthcare, then children would be covered even if their parents didn’t work, and if you don’t have a job for a short period of time, you can still be covered.

In this American society, we want people to work for themselves and make the American public a better place. Although we can use healthcare as an incentive for people work, they could still get a job for a week every two or three months and still be receiving health care (although that would be very tough to pull off). People should prove that they are able to keep a job for at least six weeks so that they can continue to get healthcare.

Every decision has its consequence and even with the plan suggested, some people will not be happy with it. That is a fact that can’t be changed about humans. The goal of any important decision is to make more people happy. It is beyond a happy medium, but a happy majority.

Proposition: Although humans try to make important decisions, they can’t always make other people see what they see as right or fit, because everybody has a different background.



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