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IRJ-OP#7 September 24, 2009

Posted by andrewg2013 in Open Prompt.

Now or Never: Setting the Table Today for Tomorrow

Today during lunch, a friend in my class was discussing her personality from when she was young. She said, “When I was in Pre-K, This girl’s grandmother died and she was very sad. I told that everybody dies, and got sent to detention in the principal’s office,” (Lunch Discussion).

Etiquette – Top Ten Etiquette Rules

Book Review – Review of the book Do Hard Things

I have mixed feelings about this statement. I feel that it was rude to tell a girl in pain something that will make her sadder. Death is a sad thing and the principal was going in the right direction. However, the principal didn’t need to send this young classmate of mine to detention for something like that. I think that the principal should have discussed the implications of the words said by classmate and figured out a simple solution.

Discipline must have a careful balance. If you punish harshly for something minor, the recipient will feel that they are treated unfair. Still, if you don’t punish enough, the person may think it is ok to do again.

I think to fix the problem of unruly discipline, there must be etiquette rules set and understood. Teachers in schools and parents at home should teach by doing and exemplify the good qualities that are necessary to being a polite well trained person. Not enough children know what is expected of them, described in the book Do Hard Things.

Proposition: Humans need guidance to be able to be part of society but don’t like to be forced in any one direction.



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