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IRJ-OP#15 November 10, 2009

Posted by andrewg2013 in Open Prompt.

Bittersweet Happiness: What We See Is Not What We Get

The other day, I was talking to my mom about how hard my homework seems this year, and how I don’t get enough time to play with my brother. She  jokingly responded, “Life stinks, then you die,” (Karen G). This statement surprised me in its brutality and bitterness.

Stress: The rudimentary science and cause of stress

Organization: Study on how human brains organize experience

‘Life stinks’, a statement to broad to determine any truth in society, groups together what people in the world focus on the most, their shortcomings. People always focus on the things they may do incorrectly. The stress people put on only fixing the things they can’t do precipitates the use of terms to force life as a burden.

In reality, life displays beauty and happiness. Happiness and beauty cannot be focused on with one eye like failure. Failure must be seen for there to be happiness, otherwise the good seems mundane.

Once people go through hard times they do not die. Death concludes people’s happiness. Only when everything they know and love wraps together into our mind and makes sense do they die naturally. Nature uses sense as a way of control because once people know what everything means people no longer see the pain of death. In Star Wars, as Yoda dies, he finally has seen what he needs to in his life and he passes it on to Luke, his enjoyment and bliss that no one else can understand. Natural death comes only after the greatest understanding of happiness, and life provides that happiness when viewed by the two eyed man.

Proposition: Humans do not see the good side of everything until their time runs short, and they seem to only understand that pain describes happiness.



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