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IRJ-CP#16 November 11, 2009

Posted by andrewg2013 in Creative Piece.

What Goes Around Comes Around: The Shame in Heathenism

“Hi Jackson Grist.”

“Good Morning Catherine Shane,” I replied as I walked through the glass doors leading into the lobby of the theatre. I should have been waiting for the teacher in class but nobody had waited with me there, and the freshmen packed the lobby. “What is everybody doing here?”

“I think it has something to do with what happened on Friday,” Catherine answered before she skipped away to say hi to Rachael. She had instantly reminded me of the incident last week.

The doors to the theatre opened and I was sucked in with the crowd. Normally we wouldn’t have a morning meeting in the beginning of the day, but the obvious pain most of my class felt needed to be addressed by the school. I sat in the seat next to Laura. I sat as stolidly and silently as possible, sensing the inevitable sadness in the room.

Mr. Jones cleared his throat to quite the other grades. He began, “As most of you know, there was an – incident in school on Friday.” The room remained silent. “A freshman was brutally wounded on her way to class, and we took swift action. Jane Reyn is still not in a stable state.” The noise of throaty gasps made by audience members darkened the news. “We want you to have all the information.” I closed my eyes and replayed in my mind what I saw.

–    –    –

I stood up to turn off the lights when the door swung open into my hand. Jane stood there, red, all over. I ran over to help her as did everybody else in the class. She whispered so only I could hear, ‘See you’, and then collapsed. The paramedics came. We all left school.

–    –    –

My memory played back at the same rate as Mr. Jones voice. He began again. “Since school was cancelled due to the fear of parents to send their children after such an atrocity has taken place, we will be having one fewer period in each class over the week’s entirety.” He paused for seventeen seconds. “You may go to A period.” The assembly rose solemnly and exited with few words.



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