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IRJ-Reflection#21 February 4, 2010

Posted by andrewg2013 in Reflection.

To Steal the Point: Lying Spikes the Graph of Life

When Rebekah, Isaac’s wife, hears that he will give his blessing to Esau when he gets him wonderful foods, she tells Jacob to pretend to be his twin Esau to get his father’s blessing. Jacob deceives his father with trickery and claims the irrevocable blessing making him the heir to the covenant God made with Abraham. Lying destroyed the relationship between the twins.Happily Lying

When a person lies, they conceal the absolute truth from the world. The absolute truth encompasses the entire story. If a person were to tell a white lie by concealing part of the story, people still consider it a lie, therefore the name. Lying has side effects as well.

Lying causes relationships between people to fall apart because trust holds together relationships. When people don’t feel safe around another person, they lose faith in them and the distance between them grows bigger.

Because people satisfy themselves with their security, a liar stands out and causes people to second-guess the other. Liars cause insecurity through the surprise and sudden awareness of lack of security. This surprise causes negative emotions, deepening the pit that the liar gets stuck in, leaving them prepared for others to capture.

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1. lillianm2013h - February 20, 2010

Firstly, I would like to point out that a white lie is not a lie that conceals part of the story, but actually a lie told to prevent someone from being hurt emotionally.
Sometimes, people argue that only telling a portion of the story is not outright “lying”, but I agree with your statement that “people still consider it a lie”, even though nobody actually lied. I think it is interesting how, in this case, Jacob’s lying not only ruined his relationship with his father (the person to whom he lied), but also further damaged his relationship with Esau. You say that the lack of trust destroys relationships, yet in this story, Esau and Jacob already had a tense relationship and lost faith in the other, due to Jacob’s earlier stealing of Esau’s birthright.
Your point about liars making others feel vulnerable is debatable, since you also say that lies leave liars “prepared for others to capture”. I think you meant to convey the fact that while liars lie to give themselves security, they only end up more insecure (and make others more insecure) than before.

2. thefifthe - February 21, 2010

First of all, I really don’t agree that lying was the only thing, or even the main thing that caused the breach between the twins Esau and Jacob. From what is said in the Bible, it can be implied that from early infancy both father and mother showed favoritism in the extreme, presumably sowing the seeds of competition between the two boys. This competition was only heightened, when, as the two boys grew older, it became clear that Jacob was the brighter of the pair, as exemplified in the story of Esau selling his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of soup. So far, I see no deceit, lying, or trickery involved in the relationship (besides what could be called Jacob’s trickery in gaining Esau’s birthright). At this point in their stories, I think the relationship between the two brothers can be said to have deteriorated significantly (and nearly completely) and not as a result of lies.
It is not until Rebekah comes up with the scheme to secure Abraham’s blessing for Jacob, that lying makes a grand entrance into the relationship. From this point onward, yes I agree that lying is a major part of the entire family’s relationships, though not specifically that between the twins, for never do they lie directly to one another. But based upon all this, I do not think that it can be stated definitively that lying (and lying alone) destroyed the brother’s relationship.
What you say next confuses me somewhat. Your statement that “When a person lies, they conceal the absolute truth from the world” I can’t argue with because it seems obviously true. After that you say “The absolute truth encompasses the entire story. If a person were to tell a white lie by concealing part of the story, people still consider it a lie, therefore the name. ” I have absolutely no idea what any of this means, nor how it relates to the story of Jacob and Esau and their relationship (or lack of it). I must ask you in person about all this.
AS to your statements about people in general and human nature, I could not agree more. A relationship built on lies is an unhealthy and flimsy one which undoubtedly will deteriorate eventually.

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