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IRJ-Reflection#22 February 28, 2010

Posted by andrewg2013 in Reflection.

Things to Be Found: Animals over Humans?

Just the other day, a killer whale killed its trainer at Sea World, the marine themed water park. Because of this sudden event, pro animal rights people came out to say that the animals at Sea World don’t receive proper treatment and care, and they can’t be cooped up in the small water tanks they have. These statements are irrational.

The whale was not trying to hurt its trainer, said other around at the time of the scene. The whale was not used to people in with him and his excitement to play turned ugly. In reality, the things that trainers and employees of Sea World do for the animals stimulates them and keeps them in a healthy environment.Apart as One

The core principles that the accusers base their principals off of make little sense. They say that animals should be treated just as humans; some say even more than humans. This cannot be done. Science shows that the mammalian brain of animals, such as those in Sea World, has developed to be inferior to those of humans. Mammalian brains, although able to feel some emotion and personality, reflect decisions based on instinct, something other humans cannot comprehend.

Although animals deserve rights, just as any living organism, the attacks on humans by humans can be interpreted better than “attacks” made by other creatures on humans and should thus be taken just as seriously. Let humans finish perfecting how they treat other humans before they take on treating the animals perfectly. Once the first is achieved, the second will follow soon after.



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