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About Me

Natural Kaleidoscopic PatternsThe objective of this page is to show my progress in English Class this year. My ambition in life is to become and important figure in society and truly change the lifestyles of those around the world. I find enjoyment in analyzing the way things work around me and my mind naturally tries to find solutions to problems. Sometimes I feel that the world is like a piggy bank; I can’t break it to get to what is inside, but if I manipulate it just right, I can get something brilliant to fall out.

You could say that I enjoy collecting junk (just in case I can use it in an invention some day), and I seem to constantly be thinking of science and math. I walk around and think what it would be like to describe the current world to some inventor or scientist from a long time ago. I love seeing life tick and someday, I would like to be able to see all the gears.

When I approach English writing, I often have no idea where to start. My brain loves looking for solutions that are absolute and certain like math problems. When writing a paper, there are so many possibilities (approximately two tretrigintillion essays are possible, although most wouldn’t make much sense).

One thing I do like about writing is the amazing thought process behind analyzing and synthesizing ideas because a good outcome literally looks beautiful on paper. My IRJ-CP#10, after I wrote it, looks as if each part flows into each other going from descriptions to dialog and back.

In the past year I have discovered new techniques for writing some papers. When writing my in class Hero Character Analysis, I was very stressed about it in the beginning. I realized that I could not do the deep thought required for the introduction paragraph when I was so nervous, so I skipped straight to the first body paragraph and finished that, feeling less nervous knowing I already had some of the paper done. I proceeded to finish the paper on time and felt very good about it afterwards.

I feel I am an avid learner. I always want to learn more about the world around me and I take an interest in figuring it out myself. I feel that this hands on learning allows me to repeat the processes I go through to get to a different solution later in life. I believe I have learned that I cannot only listen and learn directly from that.

I am a person who loves to visualize what I think about and I can remember and apply information better that way. This is exemplified when in the past I have wished to memorize lyrics to a song, and I have looked up the lyrics once. I am able to build off of that single time, and I end up not forgetting the lyrics for a long time.

Image Credit: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/picture-galleries/6644756/Whale-song-art-dolphin-calls-turned-into-kaleidoscopic-patterns-using-wavelets.html



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