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Literary Analysis

Objective 4

The student will use close analysis to support and advance the interpretation of a character or theme.

The Golden Compass Essay Parts: The final draft of an analytical essay on The Golden Compass to prove that the author Pullman uses the juxtaposition between the mentors of Lyra, the main character, and develops the theme of courage


“The Golden Compass Essay” seemed evil. My English Class was assigned this about two weeks before Winter Break and we felt that school should be winding down. Although we did work on much of the assignment in class, it was still a stressful time.

I started the essay not knowing how to write the five analysis paragraphs. My procrastination in finding out was aided by the fact that my class would start the process by making a bubble chart of only our evidence. By the time I had finished writing my theme statement and topic sentances to prove, I only had a week to write the five analyses I had so tactfully put off.

Boy it felt good to get the first analysis out of the way in an extra-help study session before school one Tuesday. I got a fair understanding of what my teacher expected of me. I continued to write my analyses but, got stuck on the theme ones without much time left.

I decided just to put together all the information I knew about writing those paragraphs and went for it, turning it in online the next morning.

The purpose of the objective of Literary Analysis is most clear in my “The Golden Compass Essay” assignment because of the necessity to synthesize all specific points about the analysis format together in order to know how to apply those ideas into an essay.

I truly learned in this assignment that I personally love to have extra time to do stuff, and I also love to fill that time with pointless stuff. This was a major challenge to overcome in the process of writing the essay, but it was not the biggest.

I don’t think I ever truly resolved the analysis challenge and objective displayed in the assignment. I never found a simple pattern to assemble the analyses so that my mathematical brain could handle them. I finally leaped for the answer, and although I didn’t hit my mark, I can’t build a staircase without the first step.

I found that no matter how long it takes to reach a goal, you will always be building off of the previous step, and sometimes a shallow staircase looks more beautiful than a steep one.



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