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The Creative Piece

Objective 2

The student will experiment with different genres and styles in writing short pieces with powerful diction and creative premises.

IRJ-CP#10: my IRJ Creative Piece, “What Goes up, Comes Down: A Lost Soul”, beginning the series of Creative IRJs about unfortunate events at school


One Math class, a kid in my class left to go to the bathroom. Class continued until eventually we noticed his prolonged absence. Just then he walked in the door. My mind, when given a simple and unusual circumstance in a short amount of time, starts fantasizing.

The first possibility I thought of was that some stranger had hurt him or kidnapped him. Proved irrational the moment he entered the room, I stopped making up excuses for his absence and focused on the one I had just devised.

Physics Formulas

Earlier in the year in Physics, we decided to paint the major formulas on the wall. Once the first ones were up, I heard people discussing who’s initials were those painted on the wall next to a formula. I thought then that understanding a clue in a mystery by casually looking at a wall would be an interesting way to end up incriminating someone in a story.

When it came time to write a Creative Piece, I knew what I wanted to write about, but I knew that writing the end of the story where I uncover the culprit wouldn’t make very much sense. I decided to start with a real life event that happened to me in Math class and put that into the beginning of the story. That is where the cookies after break come from.

The hardest part, I think, was coming up with the names. I couldn’t use the names of my classmates, so I needed to make ones that matched their personalities and metaphorical texture of their real names. Some names just came to me while others were names from my ancestors.

This assignment displays my improvement in diversifying the genre. In this assignment and others that follow it in its own series, I experimented with using things that actually happened and modifying them to fit my story line. This development helped me begin to analyze my life in ways that have made me understand the importance of the little things around me, which I believe to be the main goal of our Creative Writing Pieces.

Image Credit: http://www.mathwarehouse.com/quadratic/images/quadratic-formula-example.gif



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