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The Quick Response / Open Prompt Reflective Piece

Objective 1

The student will write short reflective pieces that explore intriguing ideas by connecting quotations from the texts or other sources and synthesizing insights into human nature (propositions).

IRJ-CP#17: an analysis on the relation of youth and elders prompted by the book The Golden Compass and further analyzed by using Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest in order to create a proposition about human nature


The hardest think about Quick Responses for me is finding the quote. Once I found out in English class that I needed to write a Quick Response, I started to brainstorm for ideas. I had marked one idea earlier in the beginning of my book, but I didn’t know how I would incorporate it in a QR.

As usual I procrastinated until later in the night to do my English, and was finally pressured to find a quote immediately. I  decided to go with my previous quote idea and started to set up the background.

I felt good about my pace until I realized that for QRs I need an outside source of evidence, and, as always, I looked around my room for an idea.

I don’t know what gave me the idea of using Pirates of the Caribbean, but it popped into my head and I picked out the pertinent part about how the Will Turner’s father tries to protect him, but Will didn’t want to be protected. This fit perfectly with the quote from The Golden Compass where the Librarian says that elders worry about youth, but the youth scorn upon the worrying of the elders.

Pirates of the Caribbean

I formulated my proposition into human nature, and turned the IRJ in. It was in this IRJ that I feel I finally perfected the proposition which, in turn, will help when trying to formulate a thesis for an essay based on the evidence I have.

As I wrote the IRJ, the most challenging bit displayed itself in the form of the analysis, as always. I got the hang of the analysis in this IRJ by connecting the thoughts and ideas from both stories and then building off of those.

This objective is important in the development of my ability to write essays. The two examples represent the support and the first short paragraph represents the topic sentence and description of the evidence. The thesis is replaced with the proposition, and the mastery of all these miniature pieces transfers to the mastery of building essays.

I am close to this mastery and now that I understand the connection and importance of the two, I will make further progress.

Image Credit: http://scrapetv.com/News/News%20Pages/Entertainment/images-2/pirates-of-the-caribbean-grouop.jpg



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