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Objective 1

The student will demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics of a specific archetype.

Archetypal Characters Project: a detailed description and analysis of a synthesized grouping of fictional and real personalities to display an understanding of the Genius/Inventor Archetype


The Archetype Assignment was one of the first major projects done in English I, and I built my expectations and goals initially off of this work.

The class had only nine days to finish the project, and the multitude of research and organization necessary precipitated plenty of stress.

After my group spent a week on research, I needed to make a simple bubble chart of how Leonardo da Vinci best fith the Genius/Inventor archetype. The organization of this chart was the second hardest part for me.

The first hardest part, however simple it sounds, was getting together all the information for the MLA format citations of websites. I eventually got some help from my partners and got it done, but the stress of not being able to find certain information at a website for the citation soon made my body tremble.

I think I was most stressed because of my procrastination. It was only the third week of school and I was still trying to get used to the unusually large amounts of homework I was receiving. By now I have learned that procrastination is evil and have fought harshly against its sharp claws ever since.

I believe I fell just short of the objective for the assignment. Although I was able to personally relate with the characteristics of the archetype, I spent more time solving formatting glitches and errors rather than learning how to think in the semi-foreign mind of the genius before being able to write my sections of the group project.

Through all the hardships and mistakes I made in this project, I feel that I understand what my archetype means now and really connect with it. After being able to see the sythesized outcome of my groups contributions, the whole idea of the archtype starts to make sense. I hope that in the future I can learn from the idea behind the objective of this project to understand and create something more elegant.



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