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Hero Paper

Douglas Adams, author of The Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, creates Arthur Dents personality and by using external and internal elements that describe his situation.

Arthur Dent’s internal goals and characteristics describe his personality and the situation around him. At the beginning of the story, Adams decided that Arthur should be quiet and reserved. Arthur is portrayed this way because it allows the reader to learn more from the other characters. The book starts out with Arthur sipped away quickly to places that aren’t normal or places not easy to describe to the reader. Adams makes Arthur quiet so that the other characters who know more than him can talk. This allows a simpler way of stating the facts and ideas so the reader can understand from square one. Later on in the story, Arthur becomes more extroverted and outgoing. By the end, he is telling more stories and odd ideas in a way that the reader has been able to relate to in the past. Also Arthur acts confused in the beginning. As Arthur is taken all these places, he doesn’t understand what is happening around him. Adams decided for Arthur do reflect the reader’s emotions and have Arthur searching for answers like the reader. Over time, as the reader learns more and more, Arthur seems to become more competent and understanding. This change motivated the reader into engaging in the story, because they were slowly being pulled in new directions by Arthur’s emotions and knowledge.

Douglas Adams fills in the random sequences of trials and difficulties by having Arthur have overall motivation and conflict. Arthur, when he first gets taken away from Earth, is confused and lost in the see of knowledge. Throughout the entire story, Arthur wants to understand everything happening to him. This feeds the readers hunger for facts and answers to questions. One major conflict that Adams sets up for Arthur controls the way he acts in the beginning. Arthur has been taken away from his home and is in the company of no one else like him. Arthur is constantly trying to get used to the life that the rest of his friends think normal. Arthur is motivated because of his relatively normal company Trillian. What motivates him to go through all the chaos of what is around him and not just give up is reflected in Trillian. Trillian is helpful and understanding, and she tries to relieve the tension created by his other friends. Arthur needs this support and his ambition is to get more of this to get him through his difficulties. Arthur, throughout the story has one goal, one plan. His major goal and idea that pushes him forward is the hope of a return to his home. Although he knows that it isn’t there, what carries him through until he finds a new one is the idea that there may be something for him.



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