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Midyear Learning Reflection

Throughout the past year, I have improved in my reading and thinking skills when approaching literary works and short informational handouts through text-marking, annotating, and making bullets. I have noticed that recently I have felt an impulse to text mark handouts I receive in my classes in order to understand them better. In Latin America class, when we received an essay assignment, immediately I began to mark the keywords and Organization Devicethings to remember, like due dates and paper length. At the beginning of the year, I would stare at the paper and make promises to myself that I would read it later. When reading literary works in the future, I plan on quickly text marking as I read, but also making short annotations as our class did when reading The Golden Compass and Haroun and the Sea of Stories. As we begin to read The Odyssey in class, I plan on doing all three things we did in the previous novels we have worked with, but because I need to interpret a lot of the writing in The Odyssey, I do plan on making more notes in the sides of pages. I have found that these notes help me distinguish between each page when organizing them in my head, and stand out as markers to come back to.

This year, I have grown in my capability to write logical and complete compositions and organize them in a quick and easy way. When I approach a writing task now, I brainstorm all of the possible things I can discuss throughout it and I put those in my topic sentence just to start my brain moving. After this, I use this foundation to let my brain go in its own direction, while still keeping the point of the assignment at the top of my head and top of my paper. At the beginning of the year, the start of all compositions proved to be the hardest for me. When I wrote my Writers Reflection, I started out describing basically what the reflection talked about. This didn’t really “smack the reader over the head”, as my history teacher says, which I had to do when writing my paragraphs in my Midyear Exam. I plan on improving these skills in the upcoming semester by smoothing out the thinking behind the writing, making my compositions smoother. I can accomplish this by thinking all the time like a writer, and never letting the idea of logical thinking get off the top of my head.

In all my classes in the past year, I have become a better organizer and have been able to manage my time and make decisions about my life despite the massive work load thrust upon the students of my school. At the beginning of the year, I hardly used my planner at all. As the year progressed, I used my planner more and more often in order to keep straight all the things that I had to do in my life. This became essential to me and helped me create anti-procrastination schedules. At home, I had always procrastinated doing my English homework because I had the most trouble with the subject. This schedule made my life very stressful when I ended up not having time to finish my homework. This year, the organization that I have developed made me stop procrastinating with the hardest homework, and I just got it done. I plan on improving this tactic and keeping a planner full of all the information I will ever need in my school life. I can do this by having my planner accessible at all times and ready to make notes in.



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