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Writers Reflection 1

In the past I have had several writing assignments, some which I think I still reference today, and some that don’t presently seem to have helped. One of the positive assignments has be one of the biggest and most challenging writing assignments I have completed so far and I think it gave me a whole new perspective on my writing skills

The assignment was to write a short, creative story, roughly 15 pages or more. This was in seventh grade, but I had always wanted to write a novel when I was in Lower School. I had started in this little red book. It was designed to look aged and eventually could boast the rips and peeling of frequent use. I would take this small book wherever I traveled in fourth grade so that I could write my story when I would get ideas.My Story Book

When I got this assignment I decided to dig up this book from the corner of my room and peruse it for any ideas for my assignment. As I played with the little magnetic flap, I followed the long red ribbon that marked the page where I stopped writing. At first I was struck with the fact that I had written in cursive, which I was never very good at. I read the paragraph on that page and I remember being amazed. I was amazed at the quality of my writing at the time. It really was bad. I decided to go to the beginning and read from there. Since I had only written twenty small pages, it didn’t take long.

Throughout the entire thing I couldn’t stop thinking how much my writing skills had changed, without me knowing it. I knew that with each yellowed page full of hardly readable writing and several corrections, I could improve. How could I have thought that good writing when it seems so obviously bad now?

There had only been three years in between. I found, that as I had gone to school, however unconscious I was of it, my brain was gathering and learning more English skills. All the exercises and work that seemed pointless unhelpful then, where adding up in the long run. I truly learned that great work isn’t just going to happen, but that practice, repetition and time have a part in it too.

For the assignment, I ended up writing the full story I had wanted to write in fourth grade, only in a way that I thought more understandable, and better. At the end of this ninth grade year, it will have been another three years. I hope that then, I can look back on my newer version, and be able to improve that drastically too.

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