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Writers Reflection 2

Three years ago, I rewrote a story that I had written in fourth grade. This seems to be the year that this must happen again. Recently I came across a long paper of mine, a creative piece I wrote in seventh grade. As I skimmed over it, I realized how much my English skills had grown since then. That set me thinking. I should write it again.

Recently we discussed Hero’s Journeys in English. We talked about how the different archetypal characters are used. I toyed with the idea of making a story that defies those common rules and stands out as an interesting piece of literature. That set me thinking.

Recently the movie “District 9” came out. I imagined the hundreds of alien stories that have been written and what could be done to make another completely original and not just background noise. That set me thinking.District-9

After days of intermittent thinking of the least common motifs and the possible permutations of relations between aliens and humans, I wrote my first creative IRJ based on my original story, IRJ-CP#3. I had no idea where to start it, and it turned out horrible. I made it in the middle of my story and it ended up sounding too fantastic and not as realistic.

Discouraged, I thought up other stories that could fill in for my Creative Pieces and pushed my other story out of my mind. I tried again in my next Creative Piece IRJ-CP#4 by starting from the beginning. It succeeded in my mind. It turned out being more interesting.

After reading “The Golden Compass” in class and contemplating Pullman’s long intro, I feel I may have rushed the plot in my first part by starting the action in the first few paragraphs.

Even though I found this major flaw, I decided to continue with the story where I left off in IRJ-CP#14. After writing that one I decided that the rest of the story wouldn’t fit if I didn’t have more time introducing the lifestyle of the main character before the call to the adventure begins. That is where I have left off, and so far I achieving my goal set out in my Writers Reflection 1. In the future, I think I will focus on perfecting the detailed, character introducing intro and then I will have something solid to work off of as I continue to pursue my perfect story.

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